Hydraulic Truck Cranes

Hydraulic truck cranes are highly versatile and provide an efficient alternative solution for construction teams and other businesses that require significant lifting power in situations where it is not possible to use other standard cranes. Motorized by an internal hydraulic system, these machines are designed to lift some of the heaviest loads, capable of transporting entire houses, heavy shipping containers, and even multi-ton bridge sections.

Model Number Capacity Main Boom Max Tip Height Gross Vehicle Weight
Terex T-340-1XL 40 Tons 105' 159' 147,101 lbs.
Terex T-560 60 Tons 110' 169' 94,000 lbs.
Link-Belt HTC 86100 100 Tons 140' 237' 95,000 lbs.
Grove TMS 9120 120 Tons 130' 195' 120,000 lbs.
Linkbelt HTC-3140LB 140 Tons 197' 255' 167,000 lbs.