Project Planning

Winslow Crane Service Co. is not only a crane service provider—we are your complete project planning partner from start to finish. Our decades of experience in the Rocky Mountain region have given us a strategic insight into how to properly plan and execute a successful lifting project.

Using the latest technological advances in surveying and mapping technology, Winslow Crane Service Co. is able to provide our customers with an accurate and dependable project plan prior to the job start. The combination of boots-on-the-ground site inspection combined with computer-generated site mapping allows the Winslow Crane Service Co. team to provide our customers with a streamlined project plan addressing potential risk factors, site issues, and technical concerns before the project begins.

Once the site has been inspected and mapped, the Winslow Crane Service Co. team uses advanced 3D Lift Plan technology to produce detailed drawings, allowing the team to visualize the project and assess issues such as crane configuration, ground bearing pressure, or any additional issues with the site. Being able to virtually simulate the lift before the project begins allows the Winslow Crane Service Co. team to avoid issues and delays, saving our customers time and money.

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