Dust Collector Removal & Replacement

Cleanup duty.

Based in the Denver metro area, Winslow Crane Service Co. gets to work on a variety of engaging projects for a variety of industries.

As the city and outlying areas continue to grow, so does the need for local building materials such as concrete, rock, wood, and brick. The Winslow Crane team recently completed a project for a local customer that needed a dust collector assembled and set for their brick recycling system.

Since bricks are so common and used in large abundance, they often make up a large percentage of construction waste produced by demolition and remodeling projects. Recycling them keeps them out of the landfill as they can be turned into a variety of building materials for use in construction and landscaping.

The dust collector consisted of 9 pieces that needed to be assembled prior to installation. Once assembled, the Winslow Crane team was able to lift, swing, and set the 16,000 lb. dust collector using 143 ft. of boom and 28,000 lbs. of counterweight at a radius of 57 ft.

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