Shoshone Dam Rough Terrain Crane Removal

Safely reaching challenging locations.

Hidden within the steep walls of Glenwood Canyon about 150 miles west of Denver and 7 miles east of Glenwood Springs, Colorado, lies the Shoshone Dam. This dam diverts a portion of the Colorado River through a tunnel in the mountain to the historic Shoshone Power Plant several miles downstream.

Winslow Crane Service Co. was hired to remove an 84,000 lb. Grove ROS RT760E rough terrain crane from the dam spillway after maintenance had been completed for the season.

The Winslow Crane team carefully maneuvered their 500-ton LTM 1400-7.1 down the canyon to the jobsite. The narrow canyon road provided a challenging location to set up the crane. After the installation of steel crane mats and adding 308,000 lbs. of counterweight, the crane had just enough tail swing to make the lift.

With the boom set at 118 ft. at a radius of 104 ft., the Winslow Crane team was able to safely hoist the Grove ROS RT760E out of the canyon and onto the road where it was ready to be transported to its next project.

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