HVAC Removal & Replacement

Planning for efficiency and safety.

Winslow Crane Service Co. gets to work in some pretty spectacular locations, and this project in Palisade, Colorado, was no exception.

Palisade High School had multiple 20,000 lb. rooftop HVAC units that needed to be removed and replaced before the summer heat arrived. As the project was developed, the Winslow Crane team carefully crafted a lift plan that took into consideration various issues with the site, as well as the multiple unit locations.

An existing construction project adjacent to the main building, as well as numerous trees and sports facilities nearby, created limited options for crane placement. The Winslow Crane team took all of these factors into account and decided to use their 500-ton Liebherr LTM 1400-7.1 to remove and replace the units.

With 51 ft. of boom, 230 ft. of luffing jib, and 286,000 lbs. of counterweight at a radius of 220 ft., the Winslow Crane team was able to access all 6 units from the same location without having to move the crane to additional locations. Careful planning and attention to detail by the Winslow Crane team saved the customer time and money while increasing safety, as the crane only needed to be set up and torn down once.

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